Business Launch Support

KW Development, L.L.C. dives beyond coding and prototyping by providing thorough market analysis, information architecture, planning, usability testing(UT), user acceptance testing(UAT), and deployment configuration.

Mobile Game/App Development

KW Development, L.L.C. also provides Windows® application development/support, iOS® development, Android® development, XBox® development, 2D and 3D art and visual effects, and project guidance.

App Prototyping

KW Development, L.L.C. delivers prototypes that set the stage for the first functioning version of your app, often referred to as the minimum viable product.

Company Description

KW Development, L.L.C. helps aspiring game and app developers from branding to prototyping
to launch. With years of experience, we focus on system design integration and the success of
games and apps so that they will be marketable from ideation to launch. By taking this approach,
games and apps will be more successful within the marketplace.

KW Development, L.L.C. leverages four main forces: mobile, social, cloud and analytics that
are responsible for driving an enterprise mobility scenario to newer heights.

Clients don’t have in-house skills
to develop, design and deploy
games/apps; clients come to KW
Development, L.L.C. for our

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